Besides the development of technology, there are potential side effects. Casinos often use chips to represent live bets on tables. Chips are purchased by the buyer for bets. But there are cases where fake chips appear, meaning buyers do not have to spend money to bet. So how to distinguish fake and real chips at casinos. Through this article the player distinguishes between real and fake chips, as well as what to do at a casino.

Signs identify a real chip.

A lot of players think that the chips in the casino are the same and it's pretty standard. But in reality they are not, the chips in each casino are different. For example, normally the casino chip regulation must weigh 11.5 grams. However, that is only a theory and to be a reality for all casinos is another story.

In fact, from casinos in Las Vegas, Poker chips have a weight ranging from 8.5 grams to 10.6 grams. Clay and pottery are the two common materials used to make chips.

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Each casino has its own mark on their chips to identify where they come from. Because a live casino sees chips as a currency and it is accepted in the land that produces it. Besides, some casinos accept chips from other regions and they are considered as "foreign chips". However the number of chips is limited to a certain extent. And remember that chips without logos from any casinos are flagged as fake.

If the stamp is a symbol to distinguish chips between casinos, the color is the symbol for the face value of chips in a casino. This approach is used by most casinos. Usually white or blue chips are worth $ 1, $ 5 is the value of red chips. Green is the color of the chip, valued at up to $ 25. Chip with $ 100 face value is black. In addition, purple chips sometimes called Barneys are not small in value, up to $ 500 and finally the color chips with the largest value of $ 1000.

If players are hard at observing, they will realize that casinos own more chips than they think. So although most casinos use green for $ 25 chips, the colors are so different that it's hard to produce fake chips to match the color of the actual chips.

However, that doesn't stop fake chip makers from using game symbols to denote table limits. For example, the minimum bet of $ 5 is red compared to the blue with a minimum bet of $ 25.

What to do to prevent fake chips?

Fraudsters are not easy to make fake chips. Because each chip has weight, color, and precise design. Moreover, only the actual chip is marked with a special ink, meaning this ink is only visible under UV light. If you have the option to produce fake chips, you can only try to make chips with a value of $ 25 or less because the chips with large denominations are strictly controlled by the dealer, how much is the specific amount? , how many buyers and users are saved.

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The high value cards are monitored by the casino with a tracking system like RFID tags. If an crook tries to steal a chip, or make a counterfeit, it will be detected by the system. These chips are blended into the main chips as a security activity, keeping track of who is performing on the betting table. Even more is to see whether each person wins or loses, the number of transactions is correct or not, how to perform correctly. So even if a fake chip blends in, it won't work.

Each casino is monitored on a large or small scale and players are always monitored, especially those who are capable of making large amounts of money. The number of chips the player is also monitored, to ensure they have withdrawn the correct amount.

Don't think you can walk into a casino with a bunch of fake chips on your mind. It is possible that at the entrance the player has been stopped and meets the security department instead of betting at the table.

What players should do

A rule that any casino applies: any chip in a casino that does not belong to anyone, the chip belongs to the casino. So the player can pick up a chip from the floor and not know who it is, not the one who picked it, but the casino. Having a chip picked up in that casino is equivalent to stealing a chip. However, this situation does not happen much, rather, it is rare. Because the chips that players want to own must buy money, no one will throw or drop the chip on the floor.

Some other casinos are not too strict in picking up chips and do not know its origin. Usually those chips are used at a separate table where dealers don't know where they come from. But remember, finding an unknown chip at a casino or recognizing it as a slot is all considered low behavior. That player will be removed or banned.

For example, players find a chip on the bench where they are sitting or at the table where they play. There should be a thorough review here. It is necessary to verify with the casino whether the chip is theirs or not, whether or not they use that chip to wager and whether the bet will receive a reward. The camera system in casinos easily proves that. Just be aware that this chip is not stolen and not used in their own betting, there is no penalty or penalty.

The chips used for a while will be old. Some collectors will pay to buy them as they keep a part of the casino's history. Of course, collectors know what they do for nothing and they are not stupid enough to do foolish things. Players should not try to bring fake chips to these collectors. That is really a bad idea!

Caught in the act

Despite such a strict and rigorous examination of the casino, there are still some parts of the player who try to trade the fake. Remember that being arrested for using a fake chip can be serious felony, charged with theft and the production of fraudulent devices.

Leonard Martin Stone is a prime example of fraud. The cashier had caught him withdrawing money from fake poker chips and investigators had stepped in. There are many tools to make fake chips found in him, from brushes, to paint and glue. After interrogation, the number of counterfeit chips that were made worth $ 125 was quickly arrested.


Cases of counterfeiting chips will appear more often in offline casinos. However for online casinos that problem is absolutely impossible. Each player has their own account and the money in their own account is transferred to credit for betting. If you buy a betting chip, it is just an online form. Whether online or offline casino, there are different problems occur. Players should choose a safe online casino to avoid the uncommon when. Many online casinos in Singapore are trusted by players, is an offer for quality, reputable casinos.